What to expect

What to expect from our Sports Therapy treatment

Your first appointment will normally last the hour.  During this hours, you will:

  1. Complete a client consultation form - we then have your details, medical records and history from you.  This is to keep track of your injury and condition so we can check your progression.  This information helps us identify the injury and lets the therapist know if there is any treatment you cannot have.
  2. Run through what your needs are (what hurts) and possibly how it could have happened.  Your therapist will ask about lifestyle, job, sporting habits and possibly the mechanism of the injury.
  3. We will assess your posture and injury which may include various different special tests to establish what maybe causing you pain.
  4. After diagnosis, your therapist can then start the treatment.  With most muscular-skeletal injuries / conditions sports massage, ultrasounds, mobilisation techniques, acupuncture, taping and stretching can be used.
  5. You could be provided with corrective exercises, rehabilitation exercises and stretches to help with injury and pain recovery with tailor-made programs.
  6. Your therapist will explain the possible length of injury recovery and disuse when / if you need to attend future appointments.